Who are you actually?

I’m a student, 22 years old and I love travelling & cooking!

I went vegan in 2013 and after that I started to learn cooking more or less from the beginning again. Although I could simply veganize a lot of dishes, I wanted to try more. There are simply so many ingredients which I never really paid attention to and so many combinations which I never ever thought of. I always liked cooking, but since I went vegan, I enjoy cooking even more. Earlier I also used once in a while a convenience product, but that also almost stopped. By the way for a lot of people sounds strange, but since I went vegan I eat more different things than before… just so many possibilities I have never considered before ;)

My second passion is travelling. After doing an internship in Wales/UK the travel bug completely hit me. I’m seldomly at home during the semester breaks and in 2014 I studied for a semester in Latvia. Until the end of June 2015 I’m in Norway :) For me it is important to get to know other cultures, places and especially to get to know people! Therefore I often use Couchsurfing and I simply met so great people through it. Since I’m vegan I also trying to see how veganism works in different countries and therefore I’m also trying to provide information about vegan food & other vegan advice for you. Moreover I’d like to show you many international dishes!

Last but not least I’d like to say that I’m always open for critic, I’m happy to answer you’re questions and you’re welcome to write a comment any time!