What is this? You might have noticed my blog before, but wasn’t it (at least mostly) in German?!

Yes, you’re right! And there still is a German version, but I’m happy to tell you that you can also find an English version from now on :) And if you’re on my blog for the first time anyway: Welcome! :)

Here I’m mainly writing about travelling, cooking, events (everything connected with veganism) and since I arrived in Norway six weeks ago I also started to write about my life here and living abroad in general. You want to know more about me or why I chose to go vegan? Then have a look here or here.

I started writing my German blog exactly one year ago, so I thought it’s a nice idea to start my English blog on my anniversary. And here it is :)

You can already find some of my recipes from my German blog as well as two interviews from my Vegan Voices series which portraits basically the girl/boy next door who became vegan. For the future I plan to publish all recipes in German as well as in English. About all other topics: It might happen that I sometimes feel like writing in English and sometimes in German and that I don’t feel like translating the blog posts. Moreover I’ll definitely add some more content here in the next time.

My facebook page will be bilingual and I’ll share all new blogpostings (& more) there. (So consider giving me a like, if you’d like to stay up to date :))

Thank you a lot for reading until here and I hope to see you soon again!