I know, I’m quite late for an autumn recipe. But maybe you still have some pumpkin at home? Then you should definitely try this recipe! It’s so easy, you don’t need much time and it’s delicious!

Before that I didn’t try too much with chickpea flour. But a friend of mine is eating glutenfree, so it came to my mind to try to prepare more dishes without gluten. One of these dishes is this one: Something italian (like to often :)). But this time exceptionally without pasta and rice, we’re doing Pumpkin-Mushroom-Frittata.

Traditionally Frittata is made of eggs and you prepare it on a pan. We don’t need a pan neither eggs :)

Ingredients for a small quiche dish:
75 g chickpea flour
150 ml plantbased milk (e. g. rice milk or oat milk)
120 g mushrooms
100 g pumpkin
fresh dill (alternatively frozen dill)
half of a chili

First put the chickpea flour in a bowl and add the milk little by little until you have a smooth, quite liquid dough. Add salt and pepper. Cut dill in small pieces, same with the chili and add them as well. If you like really spice food, you can add more. I just used a half of a middle sized chili and I was happy with it :) Mix everything and put it aside.

Clean the mushrooms and cut them in slices. Wash also the pumpkin and cut it in small pieces as well.

Grease the quiche dish with some oil. Now fill the chickpea-dough in the quiche dish, pile on the pumpkin and last but not least the mushrooms. Then you can put it for around 30 minutes in your oven. Afterwards you can also decore the dish with fresh dill. Buon appetito!

Mushroom Pumpkin Frittata.