Mushroom-Lasagna! It was one of the first dishes I cooked for my blog and I still love it! Might be because I simply love mushrooms as well as lasagna. So mushroom-lasagna obviousely sounds awesome to me!

By the way did you know that there are different theories about the origin of lasagna? One theory says that it comes from an English dish called loseyns which was already mentioned in the 14th century.

Well, no matter whether the origin is Italian or English, I could eat lasagna every second day =D What about you?


For the filling:
around 500 g of mushrooms
2 – 3 garlic gloves
vegan margarine
lasagna sheets

For the bechamel sauce:
75 g flour
75 g vegan margarine
750 g plantbased milk (I used soy-rice-milk)

First cube the mushrooms. Then sauté the diced garlic gloves in a pan with some margarine. Shortly after that you can add the mushrooms. Sauté them shortly.

In the meantime you can care about the bechamel sauce. Therefore melt the vegan margarine. Mix it with flour and deglaze with the plantbased milk. Now you can add the spices: Salt, pepper, parsley and oregano.

Pour the bechamel sauce into a form, add the lasagna sheets, again a bit of the bechamel sauce and then the mushroom mix. Repeat that until your lasagna is high enough.

Now it’s ready for the oven: 180°C, 30 – 45 minutes (please have a look inbetween :)).

It’s sooooooo tasty! At least if you like mushrooms like me :)

I also add sometimes a few soya chunks, but that’s not mandatory and I know that some people have a soy allergy or don’t like soy. But if you do want to add them: Let them soak in vegetable stock and add them to the other ingredients on the pan.

It’s also possible to add some vegan cheese based on nutritional yeast, but I prefer the lasagna without :)