Yes, we’re going to my home country, to Germany! Or well, there are some rumours that Schupfnudeln – the dish I want to present you today – are from Austria. However, I always got to know them as typical dish from southern Germany, so I’ll just pretend they are German :)

This recipe is already known in a similar way since the thirty years’ war when soldiers made longish pasta (and the German word “Nudeln” means pasta) out of flour and water. Later on they added potatoes which are nowadays the main ingredient of Schupfnudeln.

By the way Schupfnudeln are also known under the names Fingernudeln, Dràdewixpfeiferl, Kartoffel- oder Erdepfebaunkerl, Krautnudeln, Bauchstecherla, … Having a hard time to pronounce these words? ;)

Ingredients for 2 portions
For the Schupfnudeln:
ca. 600 g potatoes
ca. 150 g flour
1 – 1,5 tbsp. salt
ca. 2 – 3 cm of a chili pepper or chili flakes
vegan margarine for frying

For the creme:
250 g broccoli
50 g cashew nuts
a little bit of water

Let the cashew nuts soak in water, so that they become softer and easier to blend.

For the Schupfnudeln you need to peel the potatoes and boil them for around 15 to 20 minutes. Pour off the water and mash the potatoes with a fork (or a masher for potatoes which you can find in quite some German kitchens ;)). Cut the chili pepper in small pieces and intermix them. Add also salt and the flour and knead the dough. But be careful, it might be hot. Then just wait a moment before you burn your fingers ;)

Form a long roll (should be as thick as a thumb), cut them diagonally and roll them into the typical shape with your hand. Bring water to boil and add the Schupfnudeln. Remove them when they float on the surface (should be around 3 – 5 minutes). Then fry them on a pan with vegan margarine.

To prepare the broccoli-cashew-creme wash the broccoli, cut it in small pieces and cook it first. After that blend the cashew nuts with a little water. Add the broccoli. At the end season with salt and pepper.

Vegane Chili-Schupfnudeln mit Broccoli-Cashew-Creme