Blueberries, blueberries and blueberries again! I love them and at the moment I really eat them a lot. And as I love to bake, I brought you a recipe for blueberry muffins today. I enhanced it with coconut milk and coconut shreds as well as with a pinch of cardamom. Because since I got to know Korvapuusti, I started to love cardamom :)

I’ll also bake them for our vegan bake sale in Tromso. More than 80 people said on facebook that they’ll come and then there are also several hundert people who visit the library (where we’ll have it) anyway :)

Ingredients for around 12 – 15 muffins:
200 g flour
200 g sugar
1 package of vanilla sugar
1/2 tbsp. baking powder
150 ml oil
250 ml coconut milk
75 g coconut shreds
a pinch of cardamom
ca. 150 g blueberries
20 g starch (only needed when you use deep-frozen blueberries)

Mix the flour, sugar, vanilla sugar, baking powder, cardamom (not too much, otherwise the taste will be too intensive), oil and coconut milk. If your coconut milk isn’t liquid, just put it shortly to a warm place and the coconut fat and the coconut water will reunite. Add the coconut shreds. If you use fresh blueberries, you can just add them as well. If you use deep-frozen blueberries, mix them first with the starch, so they won’t color all the dough in blue-purple.

Fill into the muffin cases and bake them around 25 minutes (temperature 200 °C) and enjoy ❤

Vegan Blueberry-Cocos-Muffins