Yes, I admit, I’m not really active when it comes to my blog at the moment. But I still sit in Tromsø and enjoy life :) Planning (a lot of vegan) events, discovering the beautiful Norwegian nature, still meet lovely people while I have to say goodbye to some other wonderful people, … Life is going on.

But as I seem unable to capture my life or anything which could be interesting for you in words at the moment: Pictures say more than thousand words!


Weekend trip to Sommarøy



Buktafestival in Tromsø

Blueberries & good music and both of that for free at the Buktafestival in Tromsø :)


Tromsdalen (part of Tromsø with the Ice Cathedral & the mountains)

Tromsdalen (part of Tromsø with the Ice Cathedral & the mountains)


Kabelvåg on the Lofoten Islands

Relaxing in Kabelvåg (Lofoten)


17. May Norway

Celebrating the national day in Norway


Beach in Sommarøy


Telegrafbukta in Tromsø



Hurtigruten in Tromsø

Tromsø with the Hurtigruten ship


Bibliotek og byarkiv Tromsø/Norway

Most beautiful work place you can have in Tromsø: The Public Library


Vegan in Tromsø/Norway

Spreading veganism in Tromsø :)



I'm 22 and from Germany, blogger, vegan, traveller, student, librarian, addicted to cooking & baking and I like strange things like walking through the supermarket in foreign countries. And I'll tell you about all these things on my blog :)