While I was exchange student in Latvia, I got the possibility to meet a lot of people from different countries. There was also someone fro Poland. And when she got to know about my blog and that I’m always looking for traditional recipes, she suggested instantly to cook somthing from her country.

What recipe did she suggest me? Kluski śląskie! Well, okay, I also can’t pronounce it properly ;) But it basically means potato dumplings. And while I actually have to admit that I don’t cook so much typical German stuff with my family, she told me that her mother and she do the potato dumplings every month together.

The recipe is very simple. Basically it’s just potatoes over potatoes over potatoes :) And a little bit patience.

But be careful when you’re in Poland: Normally there’s an egg added to the potatoes, so it’s not vegan. But actually the egg is really unnecessary.

Ingredients for 2 very hungry persons:

1 kg potatoes
ca. 1 cup of potato starch

First peel and wash the potatoes. Then you put them into slightly salted water. If they’re cooked, remove them from water and mash them. Ideally you have a potatoe masher… we just did it with forks, worked fine as well :) Then let it cool down.

Flatten everything and divide it into 4 pieces. Remove one of these pieces and fill up the empty space with the potatoe starch. Then knead everything and form balls. And you probably want to have that typical form right? Then just use your thumb and create a small hollow. Stack the dumplings seperatly on a plate, so that they don’t stick together. At the end boil them shortly until they start swimming on the surface. Then remove them from the water & enjoy!

We ate a salad made of sauerkraut and carrots as well as fried onions with it :)

Zuerst schält und wascht ihr die Kartoffeln. Anschließend kocht ihr sie in leicht gesalzenem Wasser. Sind sie gar, schüttet ihr das Wasser ab und zerdrückt sie im Idealfall mit einem Kartoffelstampfer. Da ich sowas in Lettland nicht hatte, haben wir es mit einer Gabel gemacht. Ging auch ohne Probleme :) Nun abkühlen lassen.

Silesian Kluski Slaskie